Craig's List Prostitution bust in Michigan city

Monday, December 17, 2012 12:11 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

Prostitutes using the internet to drum up business could become
a growing trend judging by a police bust at a motel outside Michigan City.
Charges were being pursued Monday against Kourtney Hooper, 21, and
Robert Bice, 50, who were led to each other by an advertisement on Craig's List,
according to La Porte County Police.
La Porte County Police Chief of Detectives Pat Cicero said prostitutes by advertising
their services on the internet could be placing themselves in even more danger.
''God only knows who these people are. Where they're coming from,'' said
According to police, La Porte County Police Detective Andy Hynek and
La Porte City Police Detective Josh Sponaugle were working a special patrol when they
came across a man standing outside a vehicle occupied by a woman in the parking lot of
Red Roof Inn along U-S 421 near Interstate 94.
While being questioned, police said Bice revealed he answered an ad
on Craig's List that read ''looking for holiday help. I'll help you and you help me.''
Hooper also told officers she and Bice exchanged e-mails throughout the day
until arriving at a price of $150 for sexual intercourse and an extra $70 for another
sexual favor, police said.
Hooper said she suggested meeting at the motel outside Michigan City.
According to police, the location was halfway between where she was living in Mishawaka and
Griffith where Bice resides.
Hooper, who's formerly of La Porte, told investigators she used Craig's List once
before to solicit customers but the service provider suspicious about the ad removed it from
the site before she was able to line up a customer, said police.
Hooper seemed embarrassed advising officers she needed money, said police.
According to police, Bice had already booked a room at the motel
for him and Hooper to consummate their deal.
He also revealed answering ads from other prostitutes in the past.
Warrants are being sought to charge Hooper with Class A misdemeanor
prostitution and Bice with Class A misdemeanor patronizing a prostitute.
Both offenses carry an up to one year jail sentence.
Cicero said this is the first case locally that he's aware of involving prositution
by use of the internet.
Due to the internet, he said people not so much here but in the larger communities
should notice fewer prostitutes trying to secure business by flagging down passersby or
soliciting outside truck stops.
''Now, people don't have to stand on the street corners anymore,'' said