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Thursday November 21, 2019

Windshield Damaged

Saturday, December 01, 2012 08:12 AM
Written by Jennifer Christopher
Category: Local News

A La Porte man was the victim of some late night mischief makers trying to recreate a Michael Jackson video last week.

Police were called out to the 2800 block of West Belmoral Court when a report came in that the homeowner's car had been damaged.

The man told police that he had gone out to retrieve some items from his vehicle and noticed that the windshield of his black 2011 Audi S5R had been smashed.

After a more thorough inspection of his vehicle, the man told police that it appeared that someone had jumped on the hood of his car and used their foot to kick and smash the windshield in two places.

Police currently have no suspects and repairs to the damaged vehicle are estimated at around $5,500




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